Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga: "It's alright... Momma's here."

By: Joe Thompson

Following Whitney Houston's passing last week, the internet was loaded with tributes, but there was one we caught that didn't seem to get much attention. That, we think, was a mistake.

The writers at Pop Justice chronicled their personal experience with Whitney and titled it "Ten Moments in Time." They posted ten videos that encapsulated her journey from fledgling artist to seasoned pro, and that in itself would have been enough. Then they told this story, which is worth repeating.

They recalled seeing Whitney's "Nothing But Love" concert in 2010 and how the show started strong then ended in a sad whimper. "Right until she left the stage there were flashes of brilliance from the superstar singer we fell in love with in the 80s, but it was sad to see Whitney struggle to hit notes. She seemed as relieved as we were when the show ended."

Then while driving home they got a call from Lady Gaga, which in itself made us take pause because who can honestly say that? Anyway, at that time Gaga's last two singles were "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" so the young singer was flying high. The call made the writers appreciate Whitney all the more (you really need to read the entire post to understand the context of that), but toward the end they told Lady Gaga about the Whitney concert and how disappointing it had been. They continue the tale like this:

"[Lady Gaga] told us a brief story which we hope we recall accurately, about an awards show she attended before she'd had any proper success. Maybe it was the 2008 Grammys or something like that. Anyway after the event an overwhelmed Gaga was lost in the room, just another wannabe singer with a deal and no hits in a big room full of twats. Whitney Houston saw this girl and beckoned her over. 'It's alright,' Whitney told the young singer. 'Momma's here.'

It seems odd that Whitney should have picked out this girl from the crowd and felt the need to talk to her. Maybe that night Whitney was just as lost as Gaga. Maybe she wasn't lost - maybe she was just fucking amazing. Maybe, like so many of the singers we lose too early, she was both in equal measures."

Do check out the whole story on Pop Justice. Of all the things that have been written about Whitney, this love letter speaks the loudest.