WATCH: Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Attack Ad on Eric Stonestreet

By: Sunnivie Brydum


At Sunday's 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the cast of Modern Family cleaned up, bringing home the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Best Directing for a Comedy Series, and Best Supporting Actor for both Julie Bowen's Claire and Eric Stonestreet's Cam.

But Stonestreet's on-screen husband, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitch on the show, isn't taking his fictional husband's victory lying down. Ferguson told Jimmy Kimmel that he's launched an attack ad against Stonestreet, charging that the straight actor is stealing gay American jobs.

Of course, the ad is tongue-in-cheek, but it's nice to see some intentionally humorous political pandering, instead of the doom, gloom, and brown-faced type of pandering we're so accustomed to this late in the election season.