MSNBC goes inside The Latex Ball

By: Joe Thompson

The Latex Ball is not a fetish party, but it is an incredibly important event in the LGBT community—and thank God we were tooling around this morning and spotted this report because it made our day.

Held in in New York City, The Latex Ball is an amazing drag pageant that was most prominently on display in the noted documentary Paris is Burning. If you haven't seen that movie (and you REALLY should because it's amazing), this short bit of coverage from MSNBC explains a bit about the history, how Madonna's Voguing ties to this world, the tight families of gay and transgendered people who make up the pageant "houses," and it shows a side of the gay community that is often ignored by the mainstream and gay press.

As Luna Luis Ortiz, father of the House of Khan explains, "You will see a lot of love. You will see competition. So it's like a pageant and a basketball game. You merge them all together and so you have the beauty and the glamor of it and then you have the team spirit of it."

Check it out.