You Should See the View from Here

By: Jase Peeples

Ogling hot guys from a distance isn’t a new pastime for gay men, but an innovative blog has taken the art of guy-gazing to a whole new level.

At first glance, Dudes From Views might appear like any other photo blog boasting a colossal collection of hotties from around the globe. However, this blog features images from an unusual, and potentially controversial, source—Google Street View.

The Google application—which features pictures taken from giant cameras on top of cars driven through public spaces around the world—has been criticized by some people who feel the photographs venture into the realm of privacy invasion.

Dudes From Views recently ended up on’s radar who referred to the blog as a “Big Brother-meets-peepshow hybrid” and pointed out that Dudes raises interesting questions about the line between the private and public spheres. 

However, the blog’s creator, Brad, doesn’t feel his unique use of Google Street View crosses any lines. “My feelings are that Google only drives their cars through public places and they’re capturing what everyone else out in public can already see,” he told “Their cars are clearly marked and have a giant camera on top, and I often see people waving at them. If you’re doing something embarrassing, you’re already exposing yourself to whoever can see you if you don’t do it behind closed doors.”

While some may feel that a blog like Dudes From Views boarders on the edge of creepy, Brad hopes the majority of people will view the site in the same playful spirit with which he created it. “The point of my site is to do the equivalent of elbowing your friend to look at the hot guy that just walked by. “

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