WATCH: Kids in Canada Fight Bullying with Flash Mobs

By: Michael Matson

Gay marriage and universal healthcare are just two examples of how much more humane Canadian society is than…well, its neighbors. And the latest example of the country’s advanced evolution can be seen in the Pink Project, which involves elementary and secondary school students coming together to form anti-bullying flash mobs.

We’ve got two amazing Pink Project clips for you to check out. The first video is of a shopping mall flash mob dancing to "Without You" by David Guetta & Usher. The second features 1,500 students from eleven different schools dancing to Gaga’s “Born This Way." In both clips, the kids are dressed in pink T-shirts emblazoned with the word “acceptance” on the front.

We got collective lumps in our throats while watching these clips. They reminded us that, one day, the Rick Santorum’s of the world will die off and these beautiful kids will be the new leaders.

Watch them below. You may want to have some tissue handy for the tears.


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