For the Photoshopped Bible Billboards Tell Me So


MC-XC, the mystery man or woman behind the following Bible billboards, writes:

To all those theists who reblogged this with anger claiming these quotes are taken out of context, let me be the first to welcome you with what Black people have had to deal with since the slave trade days, what homosexuals are currently dealing with today, and what anyone who does not believe in the bible have had to deal with since its creation. You yourself might NEEEEVER quote the bible out of context (hard to believe that) but a majority of the followers in your religion do, constantly, daily, almost as if it is their duty to use the bible to promote hate, bigotry and discrimination and ignore its teachings of compassion. I’m very glad I could be the one to show you all what us non-christian and non-catholics have had to deal with since the dawn of your religions.

What do you all think about the Billboards? Weigh in with your opinions below. (via World of Wonder





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