Breakfast and Tiffany

By: Jase Peeples

The genius of some people continues to amaze us.

The Huff Post turned us on to this hilarious, yet bizarre tumblr blog featuring ‘80s teen queen Tiffany paired up with a variety of our favorite breakfast foods.

We’re dying to know who the creative soul is behind the Breakfast and Tiffany blog, but the “About” line – which reads “I think we’re a scone now” – only leaves us with more questions… and potential puns.

Once we read the zany reworking of Tiffany’s most iconic song, “I think We’re Alone Now,” we immediately began our own pun parade around the office. Lines such as, “there doesn’t seem to be any bun around,” and “the beating of these eggs is the only sound,” were among those that kept the morning laughs rolling along.

Check out a few of our favorite pics from the blog below, then head over to Breakfast and Tiffany to see the whole crazy collection.  While you’re at it, why not keep the LOLs coming? Add your own reworked Tiffany line in the comments at the bottom.

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