Our Sudden Solidarity With Naked Spanish Firefighters

By: Daniel Villarreal

Opposing the Spanish government's plan to cut civil servant Christmas bonuses this year, firefighters in Madrid held a cheeky protest in front of the Spanish Parliament by shedding their uniforms and waving their butts and bits to the folks working inside.

Their message: "KISS our ASSES."

That sure got our attention. It turns out the firefighters joined thousands of other civil servants who marched the streets, blocking traffic and holding protests all around the city.

The highly-esteemed financial blog Fuck Yeah, Marxism-Leninism reports that some of the protesting women wore funeral veils, other workers at the rally blew whistles and horns while hundreds of Justice Ministry workers shouted “Hands up, this is a stick-up!”

In 2010, the Spanish government cut civil servant pay by 5 percent. Cutting out their Christmas bonuses will effectively reduce their salaries by 7 percent. Maybe this persuasive form of protest has blinded us, but that could be a lot when you consider that some civil servants make $1,200 a month.

So, we're very much behind the firefighters. Not only because they have such firm training programs and tight rapid-response programs but also because they battle deadly fire demons every day of their lives—they're real assets to the community.

It's not right for the government to strip a firefighter's pay. If anyone is gonna strip a firefighter, it should a drunk woman at Swingin' Richards.

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