Did Homosexuality Kill Off The Dinosaurs?

By: Daniel Villarreal

While Linda Harvey's Mission for America website is busying teaching Christian kids that bullied gay kids should stop being gay, another image circulating around the web is teaching Jesus' children that gay sex killed the dinosaurs.

No one seems to be sure whether the below graphic is real or not, but we kinda hope it's real because it's insane!

It basically says that most homosexuals are serial killers, like John Wayne Gacy. And since Gacy sodomized his victims, the dinosaurs probably also sodomized their victims too.

We totally agree. In fact, you probably remember learning all about dino-sodomy in biology class... right next to the part about Satan.

Of course, we shouldn't put any insane theory past people like Harvey. After all, she blamed gay sex for the 2011 economic meltdown, which makes perfect sense... if you're completely bonkers.

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