Meet 'The Knitter', Tumblr's Crafty Gay Supervillain

By: Daniel Villarreal

The Daily Dot has a great story about how a gay knitter helped spawn the idea for a wickedly wonderful supervillain who kills with his crocheted creations.

It all started when Rohan Salmond, a gay Australian living in Scotland, posted some playful pictures of himself dressed in a tanktop and a knitted scarf while dramatically holding a ball of yarn and knitting needles. The caption read "yes im a boy yes i knit things."

After a fellow Tumblr user reblogged Salmond's pics and commented "This guy should be some crazy DC villain," yet another Tumblr user named fernacular drew a picture of a masked cartoon villain (below) — one dressed like Salmond and controlling two cute but frightening yarn-monsters — and said, "I think I’ll call him… THE KNITTER! He robs banks with the help of his little quilted monsters / can anyone put an end to his reign of warm and cozy terror!?"

And that basically kicked-off a catchy web meme centered around The Knitter. Now the villain has fan art, a webcomic, an audiocast backstory about how public prejudice against male knitting turned him evil, a homoerotic antagonist-slash-lover named The Manipulator, female cos-play pics of his sidekick (Stocking Ette) and even an askblog where you can ask The Knitter questions.

Salmond has yet to comment on his newfound web-fame but we're in love, with both Salmond and his comic book alter-ego — who knew knitting could make you such a badass?


















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