The New Marriage Equality Font Laughs at Your Tired Profile Avatars

By: Brandon Voss

Remember those equal sign profile icons? You might even still be flashing the red and pink. Well, get ready to take your dedication to the cause to the next level with Equality Sans.

"Equality Sans is a typeface for human rights," write designers Caprice Yu and Steve Peck. "Everyone can support the fight for equal marriage rights, and here's one tool for anyone who chooses to lend their voice to this movement."

In other words, a witty Facebook pic is no longer cutting it, people; now it's all about showing your support for marriage equality with every damn keystroke. If you can't actually read the letters through the bold equal signs, that's your problem — and it's almost the whole point. "The thinking was that the idea of equality supersedes the message, no matter what the literal message is,” the designers told Co.Design.

Equality Sans is currently available only as a vector file, but the creators are actively looking for someone to help translate it into a truetype or opentype font file. Download the font for free here.

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