We Knew It! The Chrysler Building Also Comes Out as Gay

By: Brandon Voss

Inspired in part by the historic coming out of seven-foot NBA center Jason Collins, Manhattan’s iconic Chrysler Building has "joined the parade of really tall things coming out as gay," as hilariously reported by Onion-y news-ish site SatireWire.

“I’m an 83-year-old Manhattan skyscraper. I’m silver. And I’m gay,” wrote the building in Architectural Digest. Top that, Sports Illustrated.

“I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay building in a major American city,” the art deco structure continued, adding, "I was tall and proud on the outside, but inside I was 77-stories of sad.”

Tweeted the Empire State Building, “So proud of little bro #ChryslerBuilding for standing tall. RESPECT!” 

Read the complete cheeky report at SatireWire.

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