How Much Would You Pay for Ryan Gosling's Face?

By: Brandon Voss

Hey, we wouldn't mind looking more like the Gos either, but this is a bit much.

As reported by Daily Mail, Nicholas Ryan, a 32-year-old aspiring actor from New Jersey, recently got two hours and $5,000 worth of Botox and filler injections to make him look more like his idol, Ryan Gosling.

"I'm hoping I'll get more auditions and roles if I look more like Ryan Gosling," he says. "That's why I had the surgery."

And before you say anything, know that it had nothing to do with also wanting the ability to make out with himself in the mirror. "I'm secretly excited how woman will react now I look a little bit more like their celebrity crush," he adds, not so secretly. "Ryan Gosling does well with the ladies, hopefully so can I." Good luck with all that.

Watch video of Nicholas Ryan's transformation below.

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