Is This Gay Pride Photobomber Friend or Foe?

By: Brandon Voss

Gay Pride events and passionate slogan posters go hand in hand, but who has time to actually read all those signs?

Delaware’s News Journal ran this Pride event photo on the front page Monday after state Sen. Karen Peterson and Vikki Bandy became the first same-sex couple to be married in the state.

Notice anything odd? The sharp eyes over at Salon pointed out that, among sweet folks holding poster boards reading “I love my 2 moms” and "All gays go to heaven," a smiling man stood holding a pink sign that read, “I’m here for the gang bang.”

Considering the crowd includes children and little old ladies, it seemed a little suspect. Was this dude an antigay protester mocking tired stereotypes of promiscuity within the community?

Steve Harmer, holder of the “gang bang” sign, later contacted Salon to explain that his racy poster was not homophobic and was actually intended to poke fun at the Westboro Baptist counter-protest across the street. In fact, although you can't see it in this photo, he's rocking a “Str8 Against H8" T-shirt.

Mystery solved! But still no word on if he ever got his bang, gang or otherwise.

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