WATCH: Sexiest Male Anatomy Lesson Ever

By: Brandon Voss

If class was like this when we were in college, we might've become doctors!

Thanks to anatomy professor Dr. Claudia Diaz, hot 22-year-old footballer and chiropractic student Zac O'Brien was recently paid $500 to strip down to a G-string and have his entire body painted by eager university students for 18 hours straight at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

The goal of this living "anatomical man" was to show students the muscles, tendons, and bones that would be visible if Zac were stripped of his skin.

Apparently, Dr. Diaz's unconventional painting exercises have helped students shed their inhibitions over the past few years. ''I couldn't get the kids to keep their clothes on," she tells The Age. "They were all throwing them off."

Is it too late for us to enroll?

Watch video below and see more photos at The Age.

Photo: Simon O'Dwyer