WATCH: Richard Simmons Is a Messy Flirt on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

By: Brandon Voss

Whether he's shopping for underwear, energizing an in-flight safety video, or just trying to stay still for 60 seconds, Richard Simmons is always good for an awkward laugh — but even we weren't prepared for his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When not discussing his new music career or hopping on the twerk bandwagon, the flamboyant fitness fanatic flirted with fellow guest Bill Hader of SNL's Stefon fame, sitting on his lap like a thumb-sucking baby and giving him a brief lap dance. Then he changed into a drag look, because that seems to be his thing these days, before sprawling out on Jimmy's desk and throwing his legs in the air.

Asks Jimmy, “Richard, is there something you’re trying to tell us?”

Watch the trainwreck in two parts below. Say what you will, the man knows how to make an entrance.