This Sexy Kinsey Scale Will Make You 20 Percent Gayer

By: Daniel Villarreal

In 1948, American sex researcher Alfred Kinsey released a continuum of human sexuality known as "the Kinsey scale."

The scale assumes that most people aren't one-hundred percent gay or straight, but rather fall somewhere between exclusively heterosexual ("a Kinsey zero") and exclusively homosexual ("a Kinsey six").

Artist Michael J. DiMotta decided to illustrate Kinsey's scale into a very sexy drawing that has us sporting a six.

But of course, we once dated a woman and also drunkenly made out with our best girlfriend during Martini Hour at The Man Boxx, so we're probably more of a Kinsey five rather than a hard six, no matter what our genitals say.

If your eyes just can't get enough, you can view a full size version of DiMotta's sexy Kinsey scale by clicking on the image below.

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