A Glimpse Inside a Unicorn Autopsy

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you ever cut into a real-life unicorn (Voldemort style), you'll not only find sparkly horse meat, but a few other beautiful surprises!

At least, that's what you'll find if you assemble the bones and organs of the baby unicorn sleeping inside of Allison Woodward's pop-up book Heirloom.

Seriously, go to her blog where you can see her remove the unicorn's innards and turn them into a surprising diorama — even the initially squeamish will love the final image with its small, hidden message "Until Next Time." 

Woodward made only one copy of the art project and it's not for sale (can you imagine if a parent accidentally bought their kid Woodward's unicorn pop-up book only to find their child dismembering a fetus and playing with its organs?). But then again, unicorns are one-of-a-kind things that can't be bought or sold either...

... unless you want to sell their organs in which case, we know a place in Tijuana that'd be happy to take them off your hands.

Via io9

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