Gay Bombs & Penis Plants: 3 Subversive Queer Artists That'll Eff Your World

By: Daniel Villarreal

Medicine has long been used as a weapon against queer people.

Consider the chemical castrations of gay men like WWII code cracker Alan Turing, the designation of homosexuality and "gender identity disorder" as psychopathologies curable through "ex-gay" and electro-shock therapy, and the decade and a half during which HIV-positive people got denied access to federal aid and life-saving medications because no one wanted anything to do with a bunch of disease-spreading faggots.

But instead of shying away from a medical world that has been used to stigmatize us, queer artists Micah Cardenas, Pinar Yoldas, and Zach Blas have re-imagined queer biology in ways that explode the concept of "viralness" and seek to "infect" others with their radical (that is, awesome) ideas.

So get ready to look at the future of queer art — a mixture of political commentary, science-fiction, postmodernism, digital identity, and pornography that challenges the capitalist and heterosexist power structures that shame "unhealthy" people away from visible society.

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