Gay Bombs & Penis Plants: 3 Subversive Queer Artists That'll Eff Your World

By: Daniel Villarreal


As you read this, a giant island of garbage roughly the size of West Virginia floats adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It's called the North Pacific Trash Gyre and it's predominantly made of chemical sludge and stray plastic bits all degrading in the oceanic sun.

The small bits of plastic — euphemistically called "mermaids tears" — get eaten by albatrosses and small marine animals; while some of the creatures die as a result, others get eaten by larger fish and end up on our dinner table, filled with the toxins of modern materialist waste.

Cross-disciplinary artist Pinar Yoldas regarded this gigantic pool of trash as a sort of modern-day primordial soup and wondered what kind of creatures might spawn from such a techno-capitalist ooze.

She answered her question by creating Speculative Biologies, a collection of mutated tumors and neoplasmic organs encased in glass containers and displayed as a sort of "natural history museum of the future."

Among these new creatures are SuperMammal, a pink and cream colored column of differently shaped breasts; Mega Male, a coral antler overgrown with softly curved penises and testicles; and NeoLabium, a vaginal anemone with multiple layers of transluscent labia covering its magenta core.

Each creature represents an excess of desire — they're warped and yet alluring, organic yet unnatural, familar yet unnerving.

In her notes, Yoldas says the many penises of the Mega Male can become and erect and ejaculate in unison. Meanwhile, the NeoLabium's bloodflow can increase to such heights that the organism experiences more sensation and pleasure than that known by any living creature.

"These new organisms... are the playground of the next step in evolution: species of confusion," Yoldas says of her work.

"Possessing both artificial and natural systems, part animal, part machine, of no fixed gender, half microbe, half human these creatures definitely do not belong to the garden of Eden."

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