Adam Moco's Tryst Pic Project Puts a Twist in Hooking Up

By: Christopher Harrity

At left: Adam Moco

Imagine talking to the guy you have been flirting with online and he suddenly tells you that, no, it's not about a hookup, but yes, he would like to come over and take some pictures of you.

Tryst Pic is a portrait project utilizing popular location-based "hookup" apps geared toward gay men such as, Grindr, Scruff and Hornet. The project aims to repurpose the meaning of a random "hookup," linking Toronto-based Adam Moco, the photographer, and subject in a nonsexual context through the art of portraiture.  

The "hookups" range from a few minutes to a few hours, all taking place within the subject's personal space. Using only natural and available light, the approach for each shoot is to establish an open atmosphere, allowing the subject's unique personality to shine through. Connections are made between strangers around the world, and in some cases, new friendships form.

Moco has found the perfect way to combine his love of photography, travel, and his natural curiosity about other men. Do the guys use the pictures you take as their profile pictures afterward?
Adam Moco: I've noticed a few guys have made their photos from Tryst Pic their "hookup-app" profile pic. But you know how social media goes, new selfies often, leading to the constant change of profile photos.

When you connect with the guys, do you let them know right away what your intentions are?
I do for the most part. Especially when traveling to new places, time is a factor, so I jump right into it. Sometimes I like to just start with chatting and get a sense of the person before asking. Everyone I photograph is aware that I am meeting them for the project and that alone.

Have you had any really intense experiences, negative or positive, that you can tell this (family) website?
I've had some really great experiences, and the biggest part of that is how I've made new friends and beautiful connections around the world. An interesting example of a positive experience would be when in my personal life I was looking to start singing lessons, and shortly after I met James of Toronto, my hometown, who is a vocal coach, and after hanging out for three hours and connecting on a personal level, he took me on as one of his students. I haven't had many negative experiences, minus the times of getting lost in a foreign country, which really is the fun part about traveling, and the few guys who have responded to my request rudely, but I don't take it to heart. I understand that there are guys on these apps that are looking for one thing only, NSA if you will, and that's not what I'm bringing to the table.

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Age: 25
Location: London
About: Freelance contemporary dance artist

When I made it to James's flat, or at least I thought I had, I quickly got the feeling that I was lost. Turned out I had the wrong address. Thank goodness I had some credit left on my phone from Berlin and called James and tried to describe where I was. The sweetheart left his place and walked 10 minutes to come find me, and I'm so happy he did. We got along really well and ended up hanging out that evening and talking about our love for RuPaul's Drag Race (that he had just recently discovered!) over a bottle of wine at Shoreditch House. James is an incredible contemporary dance artist. Check out this beautiful video of a project he worked on called Terrarium.

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