Go Behind the Scenes of a Barbie Fashion Model Shoot

By: Jase Peeples

For many fans, Barbie is more than a doll—she’s  a work of art, and Mattel has served up several masterpieces with their Barbie Collector line. As children we often constructed cardboard sets for her adventures, letting our imaginations fill in the gaps. But what if someone came along and took those rich details from your imagination, and then constructed a designer set that brought your doll's world to life?

That’s exactly what happens when the folks at Barbie create a centerpiece shoot for their premium collection catalog. Designers explain to expert craftsman the story behind the latest doll, then a crew creates an incredibly stylized scale set that is lit and shot like a high-end photo shoot.

But that's no surprise, is it? After all, Barbie is America's original top model.

The doll seen here is Ekaterina, who was only available through the Barbie Fan Club and is sadly now sold out (boo!). Ekaterina Barbie was described as "beguiling in rich brocades and faux fur, perfect for Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any chic Russian city." True enough. And fortunately for you, we've got this super cool short video that covers how  shoot took place. It features Barbie Collector designer Robert Best, and shows that even under pressure Barbie is a model who never loses her cool.

After you watch this, it's clear why Barbie has been at the top of her game for more than 50 years.