VOTE: Who Should be the Next Barbies of TV

By: Brody Scott

It used to be the only way Barbie and TV got together was in her commercials, but offers an amazing selection of your favorite TV icons captured in charming Barbie doll form that you can own forever. Seriously. Their attention to detail and sense of fun make these dolls awesome.

So wouldn't it be super cool if you could influence the next designer doll?

We'll get to that in a moment. First, let's look at some of our favorites...

The Barbie Loves Lucy! collection captures Lucille Ball’s trademark red hair and features some of I Love Lucy's most memorable moments. The collection, which concludes this season with this Lucy & Ricky Gift Set, is a must-own for super fans.

The Beverly Hillbillies Barbie doll captures the essence Elly May, sporting a gingham shirt, denim jeans and espadrilles-style shoes. Can’t forget, she even comes with the infamous “slingshot.”

Perhaps the most desirable dolls to come from TV—at least from the boys in this office— are the Dynasty Barbie Dolls, Krystle and Alexis. In honor of Dynasty’s 30th anniversary, Barbie celebrates two of the show’s most beloved iconic characters. Buy both so you can stage proper cat-fights!

Actually, buy two sets. One to look pretty on your shelf, and another set you can take to the bath tub for the ultimate knock down, dress-ripping, claw-that-witch's eyes out kind of cat-fight.

(Um... Okay.. Moving on...)

While we totally covet all these versions (Did you know they also have a Mad Men line?), we couldn't help imagining some other favorite TV characters transformed into dolls.

Can you imagine everyone's favorite Golden Girls as silver-haired Barbies?

Dare we envision how fashionable and fabulous a Blair Waldorf Barbie and Chuck Bass Ken from Gossip Girl would look?

How about the stars of American Idol? Some could serve double duty, even. We think the Ryan Seacrest doll should come with a wig, and when it's placed on his head could convert the doll into former host Ellen DeGeneres. Or perhaps a Paula Abdul doll with detachable hair piece, which when placed under her skirt in the rear instantly changes her into J-Lo judge! Or a Kara DioGuardi doll that... Oh wait. Never mind. It's already been discontinued.

And we can definitely think of a few friends who'd instantly snatch up a complete collector set of True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Absolutely Fabulous Barbies, if they ever became available.

So vote in our poll and tell us which show you think deserves to be made into special edition Collector Barbies. We're not guaranteeing any of them will be created, but we do suspect the folks at Barbie are checking out this site regularly.

You never know, your vote might just make all our dreams come true!