Dolled Up: Why Drew Droege Loves Barbie

By: Rick Andreoli

Barbie has many fans, and actor Drew Droege is one of them. Los Angeles residents may recognize Droege as a former player in The Groundlings’ Sunday Company, while others have heard him as Feathers in the online cartoon Planet Unicorn. But he is probably best known as "Chloë Sevigny," Droege’s highly-pretentious character from his hugely popular online video series.

“I tried on a blond wig for some other character I was playing, and I saw Chloë in the mirror,” Droege says of Chloë’s creation. “I saw photos of her wearing crazy, insane clothes, and I read interviews with her in which she was referencing things that were so hyper literate and yet so ghetto at the same time.” While Droege’s character has grown on her own and is so far away the real Sevigny that the two really share only a name, it did make us wonder why this man of many talents loves our favorite blond bombshell.

Droege took a couple minutes from filming to let us know why he loves Barbie.

What’s your first Barbie memory?
I was about 10 and at my grandparents' house. I was going through my mom's stuff that she left behind over the years. I listened to an Ohio Players record (Honey, which has the filthiest/sexiest album cover of all time.), thumbed through her high school yearbook, and then found her first Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. I think the Barbie was an original. She had those sleepy, Klonopin eyes and duck-flipped haircut. She looked at me like she knew all about me.

Why do you think so many gay boys played with Barbie?
Because miniskirts, hatboxes, and heels are awesome. When you can't put them on yourself, there's Barbie staring at you, daring you to dress her. Daring you to take her to the mall. To the beach. To the salon. To the steam room. To anywhere rad.

Like drag, do you think Barbies are a way for boys to express or explore their femininity?
Of course. I think ALL boys should be forced to play with dolls— no exceptions!

Why do we never really outgrow Barbie?
Every time you turn your back on Barbie, you kill a family of elves.

Where do you display your Barbie?
I keep a Barbie in my fridge, to entertain the melon.

Which designer Barbie would you love to see?
Tom of Finland.

Barbie has been made into many divas. Which character or celebrity would you like to see created?
Nancy Grace Barbie. Just another mad, frazzled, bird-like, justice-seeking doll by Mattel!

How do you think Barbie has influenced fashion, style, and popular culture?
I think Barbie is responsible for Jellies shoes— because where else would designers have gotten the idea for bendy, stretchy plastic footwear that collects dirt and dander? Thanks, Barbie!