Dolled Up: The Blonds and Their Love for Barbie

By: Joe Thompson

David and Phillipe Blond—also known as The Blonds— are American fashion designers who have created incredible, avant-garde, and over-the-top glam wear for such names as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry and practically every other famous lady looking to make a bold statement on the red carpet. That includes Barbie.

While the duo only launched their label in 2004, they made an immediate positive impression on the fashion industry. A short six years later, the original blond bombshell invited them to visit the House of Barbie and create some signature looks for her. Working together with Barbie Collector designer Linda Kyaw, what resulted were three incredible pieces that are bold, blingy, sexy, and super sophisticated; a perfect marriage between Barbie and The Blonds.

We caught up with The Blonds just before Fashion Week to chat with them about their love of Barbie.

What’s your first Barbie memory?
DAVID: I think it was a 1980’s Malibu Barbie commercial, or sneaking out to "play Barbies" with the girl next door.

PHILLIPE: Her Faaabulous Blonde Hair!!!

DAVID: Yes, that too.

What excited you most about working on Barbie?
PHILLIPE: It was a dream come true!

DAVID: Every aspect of this project has been so exhilarating! The amount of detail that goes into each Barbie is incredible, everything from makeup to clothing has a special process and she's the perfect client!

Why do you think Barbie is so iconic?
DAVID: She's helps people escape the everyday, like a great film, that can take us to places we've never been.

PHILLIPE: She’s an inspiration! Barbie inspires me every day AND she's fun!

Assuming that money, materials and licensing issues weren’t a factor, which celebrity, public figure, or pop culture icon would you most love to see as a Barbie?

How/where do you display your Barbies?
PHILLIPE: Where I can see them (In their boxes, of course).

DAVID: They're everywhere!!! Our apartment looks like the stock rooms of Mattel and Louboutin!

People often discuss how Barbie is a reflection of the times, but we think the reverse is also true. How do you think Barbie has influenced fashion, style, and popular culture?
DAVID: Past or present, Barbie has and always will inspire children and adults alike to dream and create.

PHILLIPE: Barbie has not only influenced fashion and style, she IS pop culture. Barbie, like a diamond, is forever!



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