VOTE: Biggest Barbie Fan - Week 3

By: Joe Thompson

Time definitely flies when you're having fun!

We're now in week 3 of our "I Confess, I Collect" contest— Barbie and's search for the biggest Barbie fan. That means you only have ONE MORE SHOT to get into the finals! So far you guys have chosen Kevin Eaton and Edgar Miagany, who will both be going to the final round September 26-29 for a chance to win 30 dolls from Barbie Collector.

Below are this week's contestants. Read their reasons to be named the ultimate Barbie fan, then vote. You should be judging based on the following:

•Fit to Contest Theme (who's the biggest fan of the bunch)

•Creativity/Originality of the Photo (so if you're planning on entering, keep that in mind because it's important)
•Quality of Submission

Vote now then enter to be in the the final voting week!

Voting for Week 3 ends
Wednesday, September 15!

1. Cecilia Hackney
I've been collecting Barbies for 23 years, and all of them are still in the box. I have had so much fun collecting Limited and Special Edition Barbies. As a child brought up in a very large family, I only had one Barbie. As an adult, I was motivated to start a collection that all children would dream of having! I have a total of 137 Barbies in my collection.

2. Timothy Barr
I have been collecting Barbies all my life! I started by taking my step sisters’ old Barbies from 25 years ago (I took them about 15 years ago), stuffed them in a box, hid them away and play with them in secret for years. I did the same with my nieces' Barbies. I finally came out of my Barbie closet after 25 (8 years ago) and started buying my own to add to the collection. I LOVE BARBIE!!!! My favorite Barbie is Chocolate Obsession™ Barbie® Doll, the first one I bought with my own money. It smells like chocolate, so I had to take it out of the box!!!

3. Jordan Barksdale
As a little boy, all I ever wanted was Barbies. For my birthday, for Christmas, for any occasion; Barbie was always at the top of my list. I would make friends with all the neighborhood girls, just so I would have someone to play Barbies with. By the time I was 7, I had over 100 Barbies in my collection. You could never have met a little boy happier than I was, until one day I came home from school to find that my new step father had thrown out my entire Barbie collection— her house, her pool, her pink Corvette. I was crushed, devastated, and couldn't imagine how life could ever get worse. Now, 23 years later, you are giving me a chance to become the happiest boy in the world, once again - a chance I could not pass up without regret.

4. Dan Campbell
I have been playing with and collecting Barbie since I got my first doll in 1962! Here's a picture of me on Christmas Day 1962 with my new Barbie! I love her still!

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