VOTE: Biggest Barbie Fan - Week 4

By: Rick Andreoli

Welcome to Week 4 of "I Confess, I Collect"—Barbie and's search for the biggest Barbie fan. This is our last week for preliminary voting, and as such we got flooded with submissions. In fact, we got so many goo dones that we couldn't narrow it down to just four, so we've expanded this week to include six people!

And let's just say, it's gonna be a tough deciding on this week. We've got guys with amazing stories, collections, and reasons to score your vote. Remember, when deciding who wins you're looking for:

•Fit to Contest Theme (who's the biggest fan of the bunch)
•Creativity/Originality of the Photo
•Quality of Submission

Winners going to the finals include Kevin Eaton, Edgar Miagany, and last week's winner Dan Campbell. These guys, along with Week 4's winner, will be in the final round September 26-29 for a chance to win 30 dolls from Barbie Collector.

So check out the six entries below and VOTE for your favorite!

Voting for Week 4 ends
Thursday, September 22!

1. Matthew Keith
When I was 11 years old I bought my first Barbie secretly at Sears. Other dolls followed, and I successfully hid them all from my judgmental parents. As soon as I was on my own, I began collecting in earnest. That was 20 years ago. Now I have 245 dolls and an entire room in my house devoted to Barbie (the picture shows less than half of my collection). Every December I set up a Barbie-themed Christmas tree with ornaments I made myself. I'm also a member of the Beach Cities Barbie Club.

2. Dwane Adle
I have a love for Barbie that has become an extended part of my life. Barbie has encompassed work, charity and family. One of my best Barbie pals was instrumental in helping me decide to adopt my son in 2000. I would not be a father today without the friends I have made through Barbie. My love of the hobby has lead me to be the chairman for the Nation Barbie Doll Collectors Conventions, president of my local Barbie collectors club, and the current president of the "He's A Doll! Club" - A Ken doll club. I was instrumental in planning the 2011 National Convention to celebrate the Ken Doll’s 50th. I won the “Barbie’s Best Friend” Award in 2010, awarded by Carol Spenser, Mattel designer from the 1960s through 1990s.

My collection consists of over 3,000 dolls, fashions and accessories; I truly enjoy everything Barbie but especially the friendships that I have made along the way. Barbie has enriched my life and I still get a thrill seeing the expression on people's faces as they see my collection for the first time.

There is truly not a day that goes by that I am not out there promoting and talking about Barbie.

3. David Roberts
One of the first signs that made my mother think I was gay was when I wanted either a Beach Barbie or the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman doll for my birthday in the late 1970s (I got both-thanks Mom!!). The fact that I had a Barbie collection made me the subject of ridicule among my classmates, but one of my most cherished memories was playing Barbie every Friday with my friend Betty. I have brought those happy memories with me to my adult life where I collect the superhero Barbies and the Pop Culture Barbies (i.e. Krystle and Alexis). Those, simply put, remind me of the happy times I had as a child-watching Dynasty every Wednesday before bed and playing superheroes with my friends where I was always Wonder Woman.

I see no shame in being a man who collects Barbies and I display my Barbies as I live my life-out and proud!!

4. Jonathan Edwards
My grandmother collected everything Barbie to leave to my mom when she passed away. My grandmother had been collecting from DAY 1! When she passed away she left my mom with trunks of unopened and untouched Barbie merchandise. The collection was worth tens of thousands of dollars!

When I was 8, my mom sold every last piece to pay a month’s mortgage, without knowing its value. Shortly after, she realized that the only thing she had from her mom was actually worth more than one month's mortgage payment.

When I turned 16, my mom shared this with me and it broke my heart! My father and I have since been re-collecting for my mom. Nothing that we buy or receive can ever compare to what she lost. Every time I give my mom a Barbie, regardless of its dollar value, I see that twinkle in my mom's eye and I know that she is about to cry, thinking of her own mother and how much she misses her.

Barbie is fierce and flawless, but my mom owns my heart and I will do anything for her!

Thank you, and xxoo

5. Peter Myles
I have been in love with Barbie since I was 3 years old. It was love at first sight. She was everything I wanted to be and didn't understand why. I am now 49 and my affair with Barbie has run hot and hotter over the span of 46 years, and right now it's flaming.

What you see in the photo is just a small part of my entire collection... I have at least 100 Barbie Collector dolls. My salon in Silver Lake, CA is so full of Barbies. I have clients bringing me their homeless Barbies all the time. We are unofficially considered the BARBIE salon.

P.S. I still have room for 30 more.

6. Matthew "ZOE" Gladkowski
I have a full sleeve (and a half) of Barbie tattoos. I wanted to be able to take my dolls with me everywhere I went. I played with Barbies as a child until mom gave them away. At the age of 16, with my first paycheck, I ran to a doll store and put a 1965 bendable leg Barbie on layaway to replace one of my favorite toys. Then I got hooked and never stopped. I search thrift shops daily, buy cases full, keep what I need then sell/trade the rest.

Barbie pays her own rent at our house. She’s one of the family and now at the age of 41 I am still an avid collector. My partner Gerardo (of 15 years) and I take our 2 favorite dolls on all our vacations. Lily and Brenda go where ever we go! We have a room dedicated to our collection and I love playing Barbies every day.