Dolled Up: David Bromstad’s Designs on Barbie

By: Rick Andreoli

If you were searching for Barbie’s male doppelganger, one possibility would be designer David Bromstad.

He’s from the beach (Florida, not Malibu), has multiple jobs going on at once (hosting HGTV’s Color Splash, mentoring on Design Star, and guesting on numerous other shows), created his own home products (like a bed and bath collection through 1888 Mills and art reproductions through Penny Lane Publishing), and he finds ways to give back to the community (like creating a mural in New York City in recognition of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.) Plus, they’re both pretty dreamy to look at.

So, as one of the top designers working today, we thought it would be fun to ask David about his take on Barbie.


If you could design a room in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House, what would it be like?
It would obviously be tons of Pink with clear and black Lucite molded into Baroque-styled furniture and accented by super sleek modern pieces for Barbie über fabulousness.

You’re known for your signature paintings. What piece of original art would you like to create for Barbie?
Definitely a self-portrait of Barbie with tons of Bedazzles on it. Can't you just imagine a silhouette of Barbie in nothing but Swarovski crystals? OMG, I totally can! How about a portrait of her perfect-self with a gorgeous Badazzled Swarovski crystal frame.

Why do you think Barbie is so iconic?
She is iconic because she is just perfect in so many ways. I mean, what girl (or guy), doesn't want a pink jeep, home in Malibu, fabulous outfits, married to a hunk with a fabulous package, and has boobs that are perfect, and is the only one who can say she was born that way?

Assuming that money, materials and licensing issues weren’t a factor, which celebrity or pop culture figure would you most love to see as a Barbie and why?
Without a question or a doubt, Lady Gaga. I would die to see the outfits. Only Barbie can make a meat dress look fierce without it rotting.

How do you think Barbie has influenced fashion, style, and popular culture?
Barbie is always ahead of her time, always en vogue and up-to-the-minute with fashion that pertains to her period of time. Her figure never changes, her boobs are always perky and perfect. She never needs Botox, she doesn't sag. Her man Ken is always there for her and never, ever, is he seen out with another woman in public. She is perfect. Her perfection influences all of these things.

Learn more about David’s new projects at, and watchColor Splashon HGTV.