VOTE: Biggest Barbie Fan - THE FINAL ROUND!

By: Joe Thompson

Here it is, the final week of "I Confess, I Collect"—Barbie Collector and's search to find the biggest Barbie fan.

Over the past few weeks you guys chose the finalists—Kevin Eaton, Edgar Miagany, Dan Campbell and last week's winner Matthew "ZOE" Gladkowski. Now it's time to see who of these four fantastic fellows will score your vote to be named the ultimate Barbie fan.

Once again, you're judging on the following criteria:

•Fit to Contest Theme (who's the biggest fan of the bunch)
•Creativity/Originality of the Photo
•Quality of Submission

The man with the most votes in this final round, which lasts from today through September 29, will win 30 dolls from Barbie Collector and some pretty awesome bragging rights.

Check out the entries below, send your friends, and VOTE for your favorite!


Thursday, September 29



1. Kevin Eaton
Yes, I was one of those little boys that played with Barbie and her friends. This was a time before action figures, so my Skipper and Allen were dressed as super-heroes, poised to fight crime and defend the weak. Shopping came much later.

I'm drawn to the '60s and early '70s incarnations of Barbie when there was still evidence of her very adult Bild Lilli origins. The. Goddess. IS. Kitsch.

Collecting isn't about having everything–it's about finding the most fun and outrageous dolls even if they don't cost anything. But I'd love to have this collection of 2011 dolls–to keep some for myself, and to share The Love with friends who might need a plastic ray of sunshine in their lives.

2. Edgar Miagany
I've always loved Barbie since I was a child. I secretly played with my neighbors'. Today, at 32, I can finally do as I please and I own a little over 100. I only started collecting 1 1/2 years ago. I re-create iconic photographs with them. My friends throw Barbie themed parties for me every time. AND I paint her ;)

I even have a blog about my dolls.

3. Dan Campbell
I have been playing with and collecting Barbie since I got my first doll in 1962! Here's a picture of me on Christmas Day 1962 with my new Barbie! I love her still!

4. Matthew "ZOE" Gladkowski
I have a full sleeve (and a half) of Barbie tattoos. I wanted to be able to take my dolls with me everywhere I went. I played with Barbies as a child until mom gave them away. At the age of 16, with my first paycheck, I ran to a doll store and put a 1965 bendable leg Barbie on layaway to replace one of my favorite toys. Then I got hooked and never stopped. I search thrift shops daily, buy cases full, keep what I need then sell/trade the rest.

Barbie pays her own rent at our house. She’s one of the family and now at the age of 41 I am still an avid collector. My partner Gerardo (of 15 years) and I take our 2 favorite dolls on all our vacations. Lily and Brenda go where ever we go! We have a room dedicated to our collection and I love playing Barbies every day.


Come back tomorrow for our final results of "I Confess, I Collect."