Barbie's "I Confess, I Collect" Winner Is...

By: Rick Andreoli

Dan Campbell from Southern California.

Dan wrote a short but sweet couple sentences for his entry: "I have been playing with and collecting Barbie since I got my first doll in 1962! Here's a picture of me on Christmas Day 1962 with my new Barbie! I love her still!"

What Dan didn't mention was that he's a huge doll collector. In fact, Dan reached out to friends in numerous doll collecting groups, even posting messages to his peeps in eBay forums so that they would come over and vote for him. Between that, this killer picture, and all the love his friends left in the comments section, he quickly garnered enough votes to win the main prize.

A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated in "I Confess, I Collect." Getting your pictures, reading your stories, and meeting you all over email has been a true joy for the staff. You're the people who made Boys Love Barbie, Too such a huge success.