5 Reasons We Will Be Blamed for the Polar Vortex

By: Jami Smith

2014 has already proved to be a good year for LGBT people. So, why aren't there any nutty religious zealots blaming us for the ominous weather that has been paralyzing most of the country? Is Pat Robertson too cold to comment? Is the Westboro Baptist Church on vacation?

Since it seems like no one has gotten around to smiting gays for the Polar Vortex, allow us to make a few predictions. Here are five reasons the LGBT community may have caused this icy mess.

1. We Can Be Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America began officially allowing openly gay youth January 1, and it seemed like there wasn't much backlash until this Polar Vortex showed up in protest. Mother Nature must be a fan of Texas governor (and former Eagle Scout) Rick Perry, who bellowed the loudest in protest of this new policy. It'll be a sunny 70 degrees in Austin this weekend.