Shocker: Joe Manganiello Was Beat Up by Bullies

By: Michael Matson

Looking at 6’5” Joe Manganiello today, one might assume the True Blood hunk ruled his school and was never bothered by bullies.

Not true.

In this confessional clip for the It Gets Better campaign, Manganiello reveals he was beat up by older kids in middle school. And growing his curly hair longer to cover his big ears that stuck out earned him the nickname “'Fro-y Joey.”

But by high school, Manganiello had grown to full size and says he “made it my business to stick up for and be a friend to the other kids being picked on.” He also urges today’s youth not to “isolate” and make sure to talk to somebody about what’s going on.

The world’s sexiest and most badass werewolf was bullied as a kid? It really does get better.