Kellan Lutz Finds Dick on Craigslist

By: Michael Matson

In an interview with GQ Style Australia, blond ‘n’ beefy Kellan Lutz revealed he lives with two roommates, finding the newest member of his Three’s Company arrangement (a fellow named Dick) through an ad posted on Craigslist. Why does the  successful Twilight saga star live like he's fresh out of college? Here's what Lutz explained to the magazine:

...any mortal man in the presence of a towering powerhouse like Lutz can’t help but feel like a yellow-billed oxpecker on the back of a great hippo. Which is why I’m relieved when Kevin the Chihuahua suddenly scampers off to bark at something inside. “That must be Dick,” Lutz says, following Kevin into the house. “Dick’s one of my roommates.” Lutz isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but still. Roommates? “I like being around people,” he explains, “so I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for new blood.” He looks to see if I get the joke. “Dick came by and we liked him, so, yeah, now he’s one of my boys.”

Lutz also shared some of what Dick gets to see each day in the interivew's accompanying photos by Robbie Fimmano.