WATCH: Joey Arias with Basil Twist

By: Joe Thompson

Joey Arias is a master performer, having toured with Madonna, sung with Bowie, appeared onscreen with De Niro, and headlined at Carnegie Hall. Basil Twist is a third-generation master puppeteer, creator of the underwater puppet show Symphonie Fantastique, and a man who is successfully releasing his art in a time when puppetry is often considered a simple distraction for children. The do have come together for their new show, Arias with a Twist, which has gotten rave reviews from numerous sources, including the New York Times.

Arias and Twist were also guests on Just Josh, the Here! network show where host Josh Rosenzweig explores the dynamically different sides of New York City. In this exclusive 2-minute interview, Rosenzweig asks the duo about their show and why it's a must-see for anyone in the city.

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