The 5 Biggest Johnsons in TV and Movies

By: Brody Scott

From the aptly titled Hung, starring Thomas Jane, to Ashton Kutcher’s new manly-sized Two and Half Men nude debut, it takes a big actor to play a character known for his over-sized penis.

The Daily Beast took a look at all the biggest packages in pop culture, and we’ve hand selected the five funniest, hugest, and hottest well-endowed men of TV shows and films you can’t help but remember.

Because, hey, any size queen will tell you, there’s nothing like a really big one.

In no particular order (if only we could get real measurements for some sort of scale), here are the five biggest dicks in TV and movies.


Ray Drecker, Hung (HBO)

Thomas Jane fills out the role as a divorced dad of two, who works as a history teacher and baseball coach. After a huge problem erupts (a fire destroys his home), Ray decides to cash in on his god-given gift: a huge dong. Ray becomes a popular male prostitue, repeatedly thrilling his middle-aged clientele with his big stick. A new escort, Jason (Stephen Amell), who is packing just as much in the pants, emerges in the new season to threaten Ray’s reign.