WATCH: Ben Cohen Signs at London Gay Sex Shop

By: Joe Thompson

Surrounded by briefs, jocks, thongs and sex toys, rugby star Ben Cohen autographed copies of his 2012 calender for a throng of fans at Prowler Soho in London. The shop is described by the company's Facebook page as a "the UK's most exciting gay lifestyle store"— We would call it a "sex shop" or "porn store," but why quibble?— and proceeds from the calendar go to support Cohen's StandUp Foundation's anti-bullying campaign.

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation supports organizations, programs and people that advance equality for the LGBT community, and who assist at-risk youth by standing up against bullying. The group includes removing homophobia from sports as central to its mission. Cohen's public appearances like this one at Prowler raise funds for the organization, as well as garner a great deal of press and attention for anti-bullying programs.

"The queue stretched out the store and as far as Wardour Street!" said Prowler's Facebook photo page. "Ben was delighted with the response, particularly as many of you thanked him for the work he does to fight bullying and homophobia via the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation."

Learn more about Cohen and the signing on You can order a copy of the calendar from Prowler Soho or from the StandUp Foundation's website.

Check out video from the event below.