16-Year-Old Boy Asks Justin Bieber to Prom!

By: Joe Thompson

"Justin Bieber, would you like to come to my prom with me, but NOT as my date. But as a friend, as a brother, would you like to come with me to my prom?"

That's the question posed by this sweet kid, who says he isn't gay—and since he's 16 and his video is kind of amazing, we're totally cool with that. June of 2012 is his Junior Prom, it's a very big deal, and he wants to take Justin Bieber with him. He's evidently a huge fan. There is a girl he really likes, but chances are good she's going to reject him. So Justin is his "Plan Bieb," if you will.

"And NO, I am NOT gay," he says. "If Justin Bieber goes to prom with me, as a friend, that would make my prom— like, it doesn't get any better than that!" At this point he says a bunch of things we don't quite understand, probably because we don't follow the Biebs. But they do sound a bit dirty. "We'd Dougie, Jerk, Cat Daddy together. We can do the Cupid Shuffle together. The Cha-Cha Slide! You know." Oh, we know. We KNOW! "And maybe, if you want to, you can bring your girlfriend along, too. Selena Gomez. If that would make you happy. Since, you know, you won't ever have a prom." True dat.

So here's why we love this video and put it up this morning: Whether this kid is gay or straight doesn't matter. It's just pretty damn amazing that we can live in a time when a young guy can send out a YouTube video to the world talking about his love of Justin Bieber, and invite him to the junior prom, and not sweat it. That would never have happened when we were his age. So as the year starts to wind down and you think about a lot of the downer LGBT stories from 2011, consider how some things in pop culture have slowly been changing for the good.

Source: OUTview Online