Our Favorite Nude Celeb Photos of 2011

By: Joe Thompson

Technology is an amazing thing. It helps us stay connected, be informed, and pass around nude photos of famous men and women the instant they're discovered. In 2011 we didn't have many major celebs like Lindsay Lohan publicly flashing her cooch... oh wait, she did do that. Only this time it was deliberate and there was a lot of Photoshopping involved.

Let's rephrase that statement.

While we didn't have many major male celebrities popping up nude—because, let's face it, guys are what you want to see if you're in the gayborhood— we did have some notable names worth mentioning. Some flashed their front sides, some showed the back, some came in legit movies and others had their private pics sent without their permission. And however those shots came about, we thank them for their efforts because they delivered us all minutes of enjoyment. Take a look.

Anthony Weiner
The New York Congressman with the unfortunate last name didn't exactly have nude photos, but they came pretty close. Gossip site TMZ obtained the pics (which explains the water marks on them) that Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror, images that he evidently sent to women he was cruising. TMZ confirmed that the backdrop was the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building.

Weiner resigned as a result of the scandal.


Tito Ortiz
"Someone hack my f**king phone."

That was the tweet sent out from Mixed Martial Artist Tito Ortiz after this nude picture ended up on his Twitter account. His fans quickly passed it along, which was nice of them because non-fans like us got a chance to check them out.

There are obvious reasons why one would be embarrassed by such a thing happening, but having seen the NSFW nude photo we can attest that there's really nothing for Tito to be ashamed of.




Édgar Ramírez
The 34-year-old Venezuelan actor wasn't well known to American audiences until playing an assassin in The Bourne Ultimatum, but with those dreamy looks we definitely kept him on our radar. So we were super excited to hear about his role in Carlos, the 2010 French-German biopic miniseries about Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (Carlos the Jackal), that was turned into a 5 1/2 hour movie and got a US release this year. It also featured Ramirez naked. A lot! Back, front, touching it, ignoring it—you name it, he showed it.

We edited the images here, but you can find the NSFW versions here.

Ed Helms
"I was completely naked," Helms told People magazine about his brief nude scene in this year's comedy Cedar Rapids. "I feel that those little modesty pouches that they give you for nude scenes are far more humiliating than actually nudity, so why not just go for it?"

Helms only delivers his backside in the film, but NSFW fans sent those pictures around like crazy. Because, if you think about it, there's something we love about a hot nerd.



Jonathan Groff
The Glee star and rumored boyfriend of Zachary Quinto did not reveal the full monty because of some careless iPhone usage. The naked photos of the 26-year-old actor are from the indie film Twelve Thirty, which was released on DVD in November. But just like Ed Helms, fans were quick to send his NSFW schlong pics all over the web.


Levi Crocker
The C-lebrity category (that's "c"-level celebrity, yo) focuses on three men from reality television. The first is A-List Dallas star Levi Crocker, who found his naughty nude pic popping up (pardon the pun) on numerous gay websites. Looks like a cruising shot from Guys With iPhones, but who can say? What we do know is that more people looked at this picture than watched him on A-List.

To see his full pistol—which is totally NSFW—you'll have to visit QueerClick.

Reichen Lehmkuhl
It's hard to top winning The Amazing Race, but bless his heart Reichen keeps on trying. This year the local C-lebirty continued his starring role on A-List New York, which focused a lot on his "singing" and "relationship" with Rodiney Santiago. But the main thing everyone was looking at this year were his nude chat room cam shots. And thanks to the internet, they'll be alive on NSFW site Fleshbot for years to come.




Nick Starcevic
The hunky stud from Big Brother Season 8 had his photo show up on NSFW gay site QueerClick. While Nick said in a 2007 interview with Buddy TV that he was 100% straight, that certainly didn't stop him from acting gay-adjacent when he took this sexy shot of his junk. Like with fellow C-lebrity Levi, it looks to be from the gay-leaning website Guys With iPhones site, but again we don't have confirmation.




Sacha Harding
This was one of our most popular picture posts of the year. The straight rugby star posed nude for the U.K. magazine Gay Times to benefit the Elton John’s AIDS foundation, which supports innovative HIV prevention programs, efforts to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, and direct care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

“AIDS is such a devastating disease for so many people around the world and I was honored to get this opportunity to try and do my part to help raise awareness of the disease and ultimately save lives," Harding said about the shoot. He was one of 54 men to appear in the magazine's annual "naked issue."

We admit that we don't know much about rugby, or Sascha for that matter, but we know a hot man when we see one. So we did some digging and were really excited to find a behind-the-scenes video to this shoot. We've pasted it below (you're welcome). This hunt also led us to a treasure trove of similar videos for the Gay Times issue. It includes a diverse group of men from many different professions, such as pretty Matt Brinkler (who you guys also loved), Oliver Park, The Jersey Boys, Glenn Ball, Harry Clayton, Mario Mugan, Simon Lipkin, Daniel Koek, Marlon McKenzi, Michael Hill, Glyn Fussell, Steven Fales, Rajiv, Four Poofs and a Piano, Thundacub, Rodrigo Lopes, Tim McArthur, and Chris Green. No, we don't know a lot of them either, but we do love looking at guys sans clothing. Check out all the videos on the Gay Times website.