Joe Manganiello Wants Matt Bomer...To Appear on 'True Blood'

By: Michael Matson

Most people know that Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer are two of TV's sexiest men. But few are aware that they were college roommates. Yep, we're dying thinking about it, too.

The two men became buddies while bunking together at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (Class of 2000). They’ve remained close friends, and even worked together on the highly anticipated male stripper film, Magic Mike. Manganiello also appeared last month on Bomer’s hit series White Collar. Now the world's sexiest werewolf wants to see his buddy suck some neck on True Blood.

“I think Matt would make a great vampire,” Manganiello told E! Online. “He’s got the suit thing going on. He’s got that sophisticated elegant thing going on.” Bomer says he’s totally up for some fang banging.

“I’m Team Alcide all the way, “ he said, referring to Manganiello’s character. “But if I’m going to do a guest spot on True Blood, I wanna play a vampire.”

We would love to see Bomer appear on the notoriously naked series. Until then, we can look forward his duet with Darren Criss on Glee, playing Blaine’s older brother.

Guess handsome leading men can be out and successful.