WATCH: Dave Franco Gets Naked in PSA Spoof

By: Michael Matson

Dave Franco seems to have the same twisted sense of humor as his older brother James.

Last year, Dave had sex with himself in a digitally altered clip. Now the 21 Jump Street star warns parents about the dangers of celebrities "over the age of 25 whose core demographic is teenage girls" in this spoof PSA made for Complex magazine.

"There's absolutely no reason grown-ass men should be dancing in step together in matching outfits," say the 26-year-old actor while a photo of The Backstreet Boys flashes on the screen. "It's shocking and appalling and it must be stopped."

As the camera pans back to a wider shot, James is revealed to be nude from the waist down. Though his junk is pixelated, you still may not want to watch this quirky clip at work.

Check it out below.