Armie Hammer - Celebrities We Love

By: Mike McCrann

"I'm so well hung it hurts my back... I have to wear six pairs of Speedos when I run."
—Armie Hammer, joking with his stylist in GQ magazine, April 2012

Armie Hammer had his breakthrough movie role as the sexy Olympian-bound Winklevoss twins in director David Fincher's Facebook film The Social Network. This past year he co-starred as J. Edgar Hoover's gay companion Clyde Tolson in the Leo DiCaprio biopic J. Edgar. Next week Hammer gets his first truw leading man role playing Prince Alcott in Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts as the evil queen.

Armie Hammer is suddenly the hunk du jour in the movie world. The British GQ recently called him "The Next Big Thing" (they said it, not me), and his gay performance in J. Edgar pleasantly surprise many people. The New Yorker, in the magazine's review of J. Edgar said, "Hammer - tall, handsome, suave yet gentle, with a sweet smile - gives a charming, soft-shoe performance that, in a memorable scene, explodes into jealousy." Hammer discussed his performance in an LA Times joint interview with director Clint Eastwood and star Leo DiCaprio. He said, "It seemed a little like an abusive relationship. So I had dinner with a buddy of mine who's gay and I just sort of walked through everything that happened in the script, and he goes 'You break my heart.' And I go, 'Why?' He goes, 'Well, now I'm convinced you're 100% heterosexual...'" Director Eastwood in a Details cover story on Hammer stated that Hammer delivered "a sleeper performance... Armie's like a throwback to that era."

Now comes Mirror Mirror, which will unleash the hetero dream Prince. In the previews we see a sexy bare chested Hammer in all his hairy glory, which could help sell the movie to millions of gay and hetero fans alike.

The next project for Hammer is the on/off again production of yet another Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as Tonto. Hopefully this project will be better than it sounds, but until then there is Mirror Mirror, a modern take on an ancient fairy tale that could very well propel the young actor into the front ranks of male movie stars.