Jon Hamm Spends Seven Minutes in Heaven

By: Michael Matson

First he spent seven minutes in heaven with Paul Rudd, now SNL writer Mike O’Brien enjoys the envious task of locking himself in a closet with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm.

The 41-year-old actor joins O’Brien for an episode of his web series, 7 Minutes in Heaven, named after the teenage party game. In the funny, sometimes odd clip, the two men chat about Mad Men’s fifth season, how often they cry at the end of sex (Hamm says it’s about “half and half”), and their most absurd body parts. Midway through, O’Brien apologizes to his guest about the closet’s infestation with “tickle spiders” while his hand creeps onto Hamm—who lets out the strangest squeal as soon as the tickle spider “bites” him.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get a kiss from Hamm through flattery, O’Brien reminds him of the name of the web series. Hamm considers this for a moment, then aggressively lunges himself onto O’Brien and the two men engage in a very physical lip-lock. When the kiss is finished, Hamm pats O’Brien on his stomach.

“Good man,” says Hamm. “Good man. That was fun.”

Watch the entire interview below.