Michael Fassbender Goes Nude for French Mag & Identifies Celeb Penises

By: Joe Thompson

Socialite Life gave us the best treat for hump day EVER!

Shame star Michael Fassbender has no problem showing off the goods, and he did so again for French magazine Obsession. No, he's not totally nude, but he does have some sexy shots that rival the goodness we dish out in our Eye Candy section.

After some searching we found that Fassbender talks about a bunch of things in his interview, from sports to the ever-popular topic of him being naked onscreen. The Gloss used an internet site to translate part of his interview (so it may not be 100% accurate), specifically where the attractive actor talks about the media's obsession with his nude scenes in last year's movie Shame. Fassbender responds:

"The press said, 'nudity, nudity.' Seriously, this is the thing that is more incidental in this film. A mere detail compared with what the fucking movie tells you about what being a man in 2012. Try to understand why he can not get the enjoyment that removing the idea of love and commitment, how this commitment then haunts him, scares him, cut his legs. This is a movie that made me move."

While searching for English language info on these photos, we also stumbled across an MTV video on Vulture.com. Evidently interviewer Josh Horowitz snagged an interview with Fassbender on the Golden Globes red carpet and played a short game with him: Horowitz showed Fassbender explicit screenshots of celebrity penises from movies and asked him to identify their famous owners. The images are blurred out here, but it makes for a fun watch.

Check out the photos and video below.

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