Charlie David - From Dante's Cove to Judas Kiss

By: Christopher Donaldson

The former Dante’s Cove star opens up about his feature-length movie Judas Kiss, growing up gay in Canada and what really gets his blood pumping.

In the film Judas Kiss—which makes its television premiere on here! TV this Friday, May 4, 2012—you play a washed-up filmmaker who somehow manages to have a one-night stand with his younger self. If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Not one thing. I have had an amazing journey where even the greatest of struggles have led to some kind of personal growth and insight.

What are you scared of?

I’ve walked with lions in Zambia, laid down with tigers in Thailand, swam in crocodile-infested rivers in Botswana and have eaten grasshoppers in Mexico City. I’m not afraid of many things; and certainly not death. My life has been so rich and full that I could leave this world today without hesitation.

As someone who was born in Regina, Canada—the capital city of Saskatchewan—what led you into acting?

Well, between hockey games and watching wheat grow, it’s no great surprise that I had much time to let my imagination soar. As a child, I would often try to imagine myself as different people—glamorous people that didn’t have cow patties stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

Although you’re a well-known actor—you played Toby in Dante’s Cove—you also spend quite a bit of time writing and producing.

Absolutely. My production company, Border2Border Entertainment, produced the features Mulligans and Judas Kiss in addition to the award-winning documentaries, Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride and Positive Youth. I think I might love the business side of the entertainment industry more than the acting side. In fact, nothing gets my blood pumping like a good business deal.

As if an actor’s life isn’t already hard enough, what moved you to come out as gay in Hollywood?

I’ve never been interested in pleasing others by hiding my true self. It’s important, I think, that everyone try to live an authentic, honest life no matter what they do professionally.

Why do you think so many actors refuse to come out of their one-dimensional closet these days?

They fear rejection and labels, which is to say that they fear themselves.

When did you publicly come out as gay?

I came out right after I was offered the role of Toby on Dante’s Cove. I knew the question [are you gay?] would eventually come up, so I looked deep within and asked myself what was the more noble answer.

For openly gay actors, is the pressure greater to seek out specifically gay-centric roles?

Not at all. I do, however, see a lot of gay-themed scripts come across my desk. But that’s not to say that they are the only ones I will consider. Still, I do feel somewhat compelled to create TV shows and Films about the LGBT community, if only for the fact that I missed out on these sorts of things while growing up.

Has your family been encouraging of your work?

Yes. My parents, grandma and siblings all subscribe to OUT TV (based in Canada) and DVR my shows.

Whom do you admire?

Oscar Wilde for his wit, Mario Lopez for his dimples, Sean William Scott for his goofiness, and my grandfather for his pure and honest spirit.

What are you doing these days?

I’m currently shooting the sixth season of Bump, a travel series that will film on location in Japan this month and South Africa in June. Also, my directorial debut film, Positive Youth, is now working its way through the film festival circuit. Then in July, I will start working on a new project about male strippers in Montreal and Las Vegas. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Judas Kiss premieres May 4th, 2012, on here! TV and here! online; check out the trailer below. To learn more about Charlie David and his other projects, visit: