Oh, Brother! Sexy Celebrity Siblings

By: Gay.com

The Avengers opens this weekend, and two of the film's studly stars—Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor)— have something cool in common: they're both related to sexy siblings. This got us thinking about other famous faces and their beautiful bros, like the Baldwins: Alec, Daniel, William a.k.a. "Billy," and Stephen. Alec has always been sweet-faced and grew into a hot daddy bear, Daniel went from cute to cuddly, Billy's done nude and shown he's a dude, and Stephen... well... he was cute and then completely turned us off by becoming a crazy right-winger.

There were also the Jacksons, who were the bomb back in the day, with handsome Jackie, sexy Marlon and cutie Michael being our personal faves. More recently there was Luke and Owen Wilson, who were the handsome and funny guys, respectively; even though Luke chunked up and Owen tried to off himself, they're still out there and working. They, like the others listed above, just didn't make the list of the hottest celebs in media today.

So who did make the list? Check it out, and let us know which you love the most (or who you think we missed).

Donnie & Mark Wahlberg
The former Marky Mark snagged our attention with his revealing Calvin Klein shoot years ago, and just recently snagged our attention again when underwear shots from his new film surfaced. His brother Donnie, another singer-turned-actor-turned-producer, may not be as successful but he still knows how to rock his bod. And as long as he pulls those hats down low we can forget the rest.

Chris & Scott Evans
Hunky buck Chris Evans came to fame by playing Johnny Storm / The Human Torch in the comic book film The Fantasic Four. He found more super hero stardom as Captain America and is now reprising that role in The Avengers. Younger brother Scott Evans is also an actor who most know from the daytime soap opera One Life to Live. He's also openly gay and pretty dang snacky.

The Wayans Brothers
Shawn, Damon, Keenen Ivory and Marlon each had their own careers as actors and comics, but it was on In Living Color that the power pack became household names. Our faves are Marlon and Shawn, mostly because of the movies they've created over the years, but also because of Shawn's gay tendencies in the Scary Movie franchise. Who doesn't want to get down-low with that?

Enrique & Julio Iglesias
Enrique is the Spanish singer, songwriter and occasional actor who has no problems posing shirtless and talking about his small penis. Whether that's true or just a way to score easy press, we don't know—though we wish we did. Julio Jr., named after his famous father, is also a successful singer and sex symbol, though not as popular as his younger brother. Perhaps he needs to start chatting about his chorizo, no?

Darren & Chuck Criss
The gays crushed on Darren the instant he appeared as Blaine Anderson on Glee, but who knew the triple threat had a singing sibling? His older brother, Charles "Chuck" Criss, is a musician and member of the indie rock band Freelance Whales.

James & Dave Franco
They're both super cute, super liberal, and pretty gay-adjacent in their artistic endeavors. James seems to play gay any chance he gets, while Dave screwed himself doggie style. Will our fantasies of these two never cease?

Princes William & Harry
You are a queen, they are royalty, and normally that would be enough to make this list. But the two boys scored big when they got Prince Charles' height and lineage along with Princess Diana's beauty because that all made for a practically perfect combo.

Chris, Luke & Liam Hemsworth
Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth got noticed as Captain Kirk's father in the reimagined Star Trek movie, but he shot to fame (and into our fantasies) as the muscley blond Norse God, Thor (far left). His younger brother Liam is super cute, totally ripped, and now rising in popularity due to his current role in The Hunger Games (far right). The eldest Hemsworth is Luke, who's probably best known for his role in the soap Neighbours. While Luke is cuddly and cute, he's often forgotten in the shadow of his dreamy brothers, which kind of makes him the "Kevin Jonas" of the Hemsworth clan (see below).

The Jonas Brothers
When it comes to hotness in the Jonas household, everyone talks about Joe and Nick (far left and right, respectively). Fair enough, but it makes you feel bad for Kevin. It's not that he's bad looking, he's just not quite as right as his brothers. It's as though the parents were practicing until they figured out how to biologically create cute kids; kind of like what happened with those girls in the "MMMBop" band Hanson.

Colin & Eamon Farrell
Colin always came off as the bad boy of films, but when his porn movie leaked we finally saw what a downright dirty bugger he was. Then we came to find out that he not only had a gay brother (who's a dance instructor), but that he's using his celebrity to help end antigay bullying in Ireland. For all these things, we love them both.

The Patriota Twins
You may not know these Brazilian models by name, but you've certainly seen their gorgeous, abtastic, pectacular bodies on Gay.net before. Their work primarily involves showing off their bodies in homoerotic ways that make us both excited and uncomfortable. Still, they were a bit too perfect to pass up for this list.

Chaz Bono & Elijah Blue Allman
Elijah Blue is the son of Cher and her second husband Gregg Allman, while Chaz is the more well-known child of Cher and her first husband Sonny Bono. Like mom, Elijah Blue is a singer, though he's now focusing on creating artwork. Chaz is a writer, activist and singer, and a short while ago Chaz wouldn't have been on this list, but seeing as he's a transgender boy he's welcome to be a part of the magic with his brother from now on.