Gaga Recovers From Concussion After Concert Accident

By: Scott Ragan

Lady Gaga was accidentally struck in the head during a recent Born This Way show in New Zealand. Fans caught video of her being hit on top of the noggin with a pole by a fellow dancer, then seconds later she was seen walking off stage to assess the damage, but the show continued on. Gaga later told the crowd, "I want to apologize. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show." reports that when the concert ended, the dedicated performer still made it a priority to meet with fans backstage, and later, Tara Savelo (the pop star's makeup artist) went on Twitter to update fans about her condition. "Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay," Savelo tweeted. "She wants u to know she loves u. I'm taking care of her. Can't believe she finished the show."

Watch the unfortunate mishap below.