Mrs. Doubtfire Re-Cut: Evil Wears A Wig

By: Daniel Villarreal

Some sicko re-cut Robin Williams' cross-dressing family comedy Mrs. Doubtfire into an adult horror flick more akin to Silence of the Lambs. Why did we not think of this before?

Both movies have obvious parallels. In both films, men pass themselves off as women to reach their goals: divorcee Daniel Hillard wants to be closer to his kids and Buffalo Bill wants to be closer to dressing in a female "skin suit"... ewww!

In both films show, men use makeup, dresses and deception to help complete their illusions and betray those that trust them.

And ultimately, both are brought down by those meant to protect the innocent: Hillard's ex-wife fires Daniel after discovering his true identity and Clarice Starling shoots down Bill before he can skin a senator's daughter.

Never before had we realized the darkness of Mrs. Doubtfire's drawer of teeth and eyes, his mask being run over on the street or his deceiving his wife and kids.

Sadly, this re-cut also finds "horror" in a lady peeing while standing up, something oft conjured by legislative bigots when discussing so-called "bathroom bills" that deny public accommodations to trans people.

But despite that, the trailer will never let you see Mrs. Doubtfire quite the same way again. Oh dearie...