Did the New York Observer Just Out Chace Crawford?

By: Daniel Villarreal

This morning, the New York Observer published a cover story that mentioned movie and TV actor Chace Crawford among other semi-closeted celebs like Anderson Cooper, Queen Latifah and John Travolta. So, does that mean they've outed the handsome young star?

The Observer story (entitled, "Outward Bound: Celebs Struggle To Keep Sexuality Secret(ish), But Media Makes Trouble") began by mentioning "a dashing young man who’s been involved with several starlets despite whispers about his close relationships with other men—sitting for [an] entire party in close conversation with a well-groomed gent."

They continue, "As we passed, [his] plus-one stared us down, as if to say, 'Step off,' or perhaps, 'Don’t you dare write about this.'"

Only at the end of the article do they identify the "dashing young man" as Crawford, thus insinuating that he prefers the company of suspicious men who shoot dirty looks at entertainment writers—MRROW!!

Gay rumors are nothing new to Crawford. Blogs have whispered about him and his Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick (pictured above) being in a conspicuous bromance for years.

But while The Observer makes sure to say "the question of whether... [this] virile young actor was enjoying the company of one man—if not the company of men—is very much still open," the story ends with openly gay celeb Lance Bass saying, "If you’re in the closet, you get made fun of more than if you just come out!” and then concludes with this:

"If he’s in fact gay, that’s a lesson Chace Crawford—the dashing, engrossed young man at the premiere—may do well to heed."

So even if they haven't outright outed Crawford, the Observer still thinks the young star very very likely is.