Robert Randolph Will Sue You If You Deny Having Spa-Sex With Him

By: Daniel Villarreal

Near the end of 2010 a man named Robert Randolph released a book entitled You'll Never Spa In This Town Again in which he alledged that actor John Travolta (pictured left) hit on him and regularly hooked up with other guys at gay bathhouses.

In response, Travolta's lawyer Marty Singer (pictured right) submitted a letter to the gossip website in which he denied the gay accusations said that Randolph has been in mental institutions and suffered from brain damage.

These comments quickly circulated around the innerwebs and now Randolph is suing Travolta and Singer for making "'untrue and defamatory statements" that "sought to disparage the quality of [Randolph's] property and reputation and to induce members of the public to believe [Randolph] is an unreliable source and thus abstain from purchasing' his book."

However, a Travolta rep told The Hollywood Reporter:

"The lawsuit filed by Robert Randolph is absurd. The suit is based on a privileged communication, and it will promptly be thrown out by the court. To evaluate the credibility of Robert Randolph and his ridiculous lawsuit one need look no further than his own statements published on his website stating that he sustained 'permanent brain damage' and had to 'retrain' his brain. Randolph also claimed on his website that after he was beaten and sustained brain damage at a spa, he allegedly returned to the same spa months later, and that the same assailant was there and supposedly attacked him for a second time."

Travolta's lawyer has also said that he plans on countersuing Randolph for "malicious prosecution" as soon as the court throws out Randolph's suit.