New Book Claims David Bowie And Mick Jagger Regularly Humped

By: Daniel Villarreal

Ever since 1990 everyone has been saying that David Bowie and Mick Jagger totally did it (like, they knocked boots). But now there's a new book that claims that their boots knocking occurred not once but rather over a long-term affair.

Oooh! Summon the gossip hounds!

The book is Chris Andersen's Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger. But before we get to its claims, let's examine the start of this whole "Bowie bones Jagger" story.

According to, May 4th 1990 marked the end of divorce settlement gag order placed on David Bowie's ex-wife Angela. Eager to gab, she went on The Joan Rivers Show and claimed that she caught the openly bisexual pop star "in bed with men several times" including once buck naked with Jagger.

Snopes says:

Mick Jagger was quick to dismiss the whole thing as ''complete rubbish,'' and a public letter from David Bowie's lawyer stated that any ''implication that there was ever a gay affair between Mick Jagger and David Bowie is an absolute fabrication." Sure enough, within a week Angela Bowie was backtracking, claiming that although what she had revealed was literally true, it didn't necessarily mean what people assumed it meant.

Later, in Angela's 1993 tell-all book Backstage Passes, she recounted the incident:

When I walked into that room and found Mick and David together, I felt absolutely dead certain that they'd been screwing. It was so obvious, in fact, that I never even considered the possibility that they hadn't been screwing. The way they'd been running around together and the way David made a virtual religion of slipping the Lance of Love into almost everyone around him, and then the fact that Mick had a perfectly good bed of his own just three hundred yards away from where he was passed out naked with David — it all added up inescapably in my head as well as my gut. I didn't have to look around for open jars of K-Y jelly.

Maybe I should have, because then my eyes would have seen the proof of what I knew in my heart. But I didn't, so I can't say conclusively that those two alley cats were actually going at it that night. While they were still awake together in my bed, I wasn't there.

Fast forward to the release of Anderson's book (which hits shelves today). His tome not only recounts Angela's story but also has other gadflies dishing the gay and bisexual dirt.

British rag The Daily Mail spills the beans:

After meeting in the early Seventies, Andersen says both stars became fascinated with one another, attending each other's concerts and sending gifts to one another.

Not long after their first encounter in 1973, when Mick visited Bowie backstage at one of his concerts, Andersen claims that their relationship quickly turned physical.

'It was the glitter era, and everybody wanted to be part of the bisexual revolution,' singer Chuckie Starr tells the author in the book.

'Mick was no different. He was wearing rhinestones, blue eye shadow, and platform shoes.'

Quickly becoming fast friends, 'Bowie and Jagger were soon spotted everywhere together without their wives: sitting ringside at the Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton bout, hanging out at the London disco Tramp, yelling and stomping their approval at a Diana Ross concert, or just cuddling up together on a hotel room couch,' Andersen writes.

'Neither superstar complained when one enterprising photographer snapped the two men in a moment of repose, Bowie tenderly cradling Mick’s head in his lap.

'Bowie also took Mick to gay films.'

Bowie back-up singer Ava Cherry told one of the author's sources that the two men would invite her to threesomes and then just end up frugging each other while she watched (which is really bad threesome etiquette).

Playboy model Bebe Buell told the book's author that Jagger and Bowie used to call her at three in the morning and invite her to romps with "four gorgeous black women" or "four gorgeous black men."

So basically, Bowie and Jagger and a bunch of other people from the 70s, 80s and 90s were really slutty. That's about as newsbreaking as Anderson Cooper's coming out.

Now enjoy this video below of Bowie and Jagger trying to out-flame each other in an ultra-sassy cover of Dancing in the Street. The flourishes, pouty lips and baggy clown pants will make you gag and confirm that even in 1985, these two guys totally still had 13-year-old girl crushes on each other.